Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out first hurdle.....with a happy ending!

Fairly soon after we became homeowners, we discovered our first setback. Adam discovered that the linoleum underneath the washer and dryer was a little too soft and buoyant. We knew we were going to redo the floor in the laundry "closet" but didn't think we would need to do it this soon. He figured it was damp under the linoleum, but we were not sure if the foundation was wet. As he started ripping up the linoleum I quickly found myself not being able to breathe very well. I am very allergic to mold, so we were pretty sure we had some mold. He had to wait for me to leave the house to figure out just how much.

Later that night he told me there was some mold on the floor boards, but the foundation didn't have any. He cleaned it and we dried the area out. Easy as that. What he neglected to tell me for a few weeks, which was probably for the best, was that there was a lot of mold, that looked very similar to cauliflower. That freaked me out in itself. Luckily, Adam got to it early and dried it completely out. He spent a few days tiling the floor and now it looks great. I never realized what a process it is to lay down tile, allowing for each step to dry. He did an amazing job! We admired the new porcelain tile for about a day before our brand new washer and dryer came!!! Thank you, Connie! I absolutely love them. They are so great that even Adam did a few loads of laundry while I was in Mexico (that is still sitting in piles on our guest bed and I have been home for over a week!!!).

Here are some before and after picture. Notice the great paint job on the walls. That was all me!

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  1. Great teamwork - you painting the walls and Adam working on the tile. Can't wait to see what gets remodeled next.