Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A little surprise......

I have been really stressed out and very tired lately. I was laying in bed the other night while Adam was working. He called me into the hallway where he was working, but I really didn't want to get out of bed. I finally dragged my feet to see the "new color" he was sampling and found this!

Adam is very artistic and while I love his intentions, we will sadly be covering this up shortly. Adam is working as I type, so we can start to paint the rest of the front room and hallway. We might even get a little bold with the color choice so stay tuned!!

I love new things!

Out bedroom furniture finally came! We love it! I really wanted to title this entry as "My Big Girl Bed," but Adam doesn't like it when I refer to our bed as my big girl bed! I sort of see where he is coming from. We also picked up a new flat screen TV from Best Buy this past weekend. Although it is a little smaller then we wanted (we were going to get a 49"), we couldn't pass up such a great deal. Just $498 for a 42" LCD! Thanks for telling us about it Drew! To be honest I am not quite sure what we are more excited about. The TV or the new bedroom set!!! I am afraid we may never get out of bed now! We plan to mount it on the wall at some point, but that is going to be a project in itself. The one room that is almost done will have to back to being under construction as we are going to run the cables through the wall.